Read this to know about my internship experiences.

I would like to discuss more on my personal experiences as part of my three internships here. You can take a look at my C.V. to know more about my projects.


Summer in Rochester is simply amazing. I bike 7 miles to work, along the beautiful bike lanes of Lehigh Valley Trail, Erie Canal and the Genessee River. This is my first experience working for a start-up. I like it so far. I work along with some other amazing RIT and UoR interns. As part of this internship, I am learning to use TensorFlow. Here, I code on python and I am able to put my learnings of Object Oriented Programming from amazon effectively and I am happy about it. I am working on projects involving image segmentation, classification and regression problems.


I love rains and Seattle is beautiful! This was my first time ever to officially be a software developer. My project here was to build a framework that could make the lives of vendor managers easy. This project dealt with people who sold products to amazon which inturn were sold as amazon's products on their retail website. I was involved in both backend and frontend programming. During my time at amazon, I had to code on Java, learnt to work in a multi-threaded environment, write unit tests with "Mockito" and also learnt a bit about Perl. I must say my object oriented programming has improved a lot after working here.

Xerox Research Center


This was my first time in Europe. Grenoble is a tiny city where you can see mountains everywhere. That broken French I learnt during my high school helped me get by my everyday life happily. This experience laid foundation for my love for research and gave me an opportunity to work with some amazing scientists. My internship here involved reproducing results from the paper which was the then state-of-the-art for instance-level semantic segmentation and investigate their failure modes. I also reproduced results from the paper and changed their loss function to see how the results were effected. This was a challenging internship as it was a completely new environment and a beginning for me into computer vision. But I thoroughly enjoyed my work and learnt a lot of things that genuinely made me what I am today :).