Read this if you want to know me personally.


That so called "travel bug" bit me at a very young age. From India to the States to Europe, I made the most out of my opportunities. I used pretty much all my holidays to travel, explore cultures and cuisines. I have wandered around some wonderful countries around the world covering many cities. I made sure to get myself a toy that could help me in saving my memories somewhere apart from my brain. You can see me making memories here.


Because I enjoy being around kids, summer 2017 I decided to work part-time at Margaret's House. It's RIT's Day Care for little kids. While I enjoyed playing with kids there, I was given an opportunity to represent India as part of their Kids on Campus Program. It's a program for kids between ages 8-12 where they are taught various things. As part of this, I shared India's culture, history and our way of living life everyday. Look here to see what these amazing little kids gave me the next day I went to school :). I loved every bit of this summer.


Apart from these, I enjoy being outdoors. The mode of transportation I use on a daily basis is this beast. I love playing Tennis and singing Carnatic Music. Oh and for 7 months I was healing from an ankle injury while trying to use this beauty as my mode of transportation :D. And lately, I am also into power vinyasa yoga. I try to make best use of the hours I am away from family and friends.